Showing I am human

Good Morning all,

I am Patrica Birk I am going to be 55 in July and this is about me. I am the owner/ photographer of CapturingMemories2020 and I know that my blogs are all over the place from things to do with weddings and photography to personal things.

I am showing you that I am human, I have feelings, I have a family that is at times seems to be messed up.

That I make mistakes, but here is the kicker.

I own up to my mistakes now I am not saying that people don't own up to theirs I am saying I own up to mine even when it takes me time to realize I made one I own up to it.

I am not sure what you would like to know because No One ever replies to the blogs No One ever

makes comments on them.

I know people have read them, I know that some people like what they have read because they hit the heart button on the blog but I do not ever get any type of response from them.

I know that I make mistakes, I know that I fail at times due to overthinking something or by letting someone convince me of something that I know I shouldn't see this is where I say oh yep that was a mistake and then I try to find a way to fix it.

Unfortunately, that is not always an easy feat to figure out. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure it out sometimes it takes someone who is nonbias to help me figure things out.

You know that someone who has nothing to gain or lose by telling you how it is.

OR by showing you that you are making choices or decisions that are not in your best interest or the best interest of your family.

I love doing photography, I love being a caregiver and taking care of people, to be honest, I love being there for people even though I might have just met them, Not so I can be up in their business or try and tell them how to do something but to be there for them to cheer them on when something wonderful happens to them, or to be there and lend a shoulder if something is wrong and they need to cry or vent.

If given the chance I am a pretty good person to be around, I am a great listener and at times have given some good advice when asked what I thought.

My name is Patrica Birk, and I will be 55 in July.

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