Smiles , goofy faces and Happiness

Almost a year ago I got to help this lovely bride capture her special day. I got to watch as she got ready to say her I Do's, I got to talk to the groom, and him give me the goofiest faces because he did not want his pictures done at that moment. And as I did this I was in awe of the Happiness that was around both of them. I got to watch and photograph their special day, they're smashing their cake in each other's faces, their first dance as husband and wife. I also got to learn lots of dos and don'ts of how to do wedding photographs', pictures of the bride and groom. I am happy that this wonderful couple was happy and satisfied with their photographs. I am happy to say that they will be celebrating their first year anniversary on July 6, 2020. They say if you make it through your first year of marriage and don't kill your spouse you're going to make it. I saw this lovely couple the other day, both still alive and kicking. so I would say they are going to make it. In fact, I got to do a beautiful mini session with their daughter showing just how much she has grown over the past year, she is turning into a beautiful teenager.

I want to shout out to Melissa and Eric Bliss Happy Early Anniversary y'all. I hope you get to do something special on your special day.


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