Store bought props or homemade props

Happy July

So I am more of a make your own props type person instead of going to Walmart or buy it off of Amazon person don't get me wrong those are some amazing props. Especially when I have some very talented people who can make some very awesome props for me at a fraction of the cost.

For instance, my hubby is making some signs for some maternity sessions with them saying, " Mommie to Be", " Daddy to Be", "Big Brother" and " Big Sister" and then here is something funny my ex-husband yes I said ex is going to make a

" MR & MRS" sign with his scroll saw which makes some beautifully curved letters.

I am going to be figuring out some backdrops for the fall as well that are homemade this way it gives your pictures a little bit more of a personal touch as well. if you have suggestions for backdrops let me know I would love to have some ideas.

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