Sunday morning mediation time

As I sit here drinking my coffee and reflecting back on this past few weeks,

I have so many things and people to be thankful for.

I am thankful for my big sisters they give me the love and support to keep going

even when I think nope time to stop.

I am thankful for my oldest niece and her best friend of a lifetime because they both told me

that I am good at what I do and have helped me more than they realize.

I am thankful for my daughter and all of my grandchildren and son in law because there are times

I am like come on I need to practice and they are my models.

Especially my oldest granddaughter she has had to learn to wear stilettos, a wedding dress. And she even

has learned to laugh at my goofy comments I make to her.

I am thankful for my cousin who is helping me learn new poses for sessions,

I am thankful for my new friend that showed me that Boudoir sessions are fun.

I am thankful for my husband and our son because they have to listen to me daily wonder if I am good enough and then they turn around and give me the support I need.

With all of these people, I was able to do what I have always wanted to do to start my own Photography Business, I built a website. Which I know have 2 weddings booked that are not family or friends.

I am learning new styles of Photography,

Having a support system for life-changing goals is important.

Actually having people in your life to help you cope with things whether it is personal, professional, or whatever is important. The main thing is to find someone who is not going to judge you for the mistakes you may make along the way. But give you the love, encouragement, and support that will be needed.

And one more thing I am Thankful for but definitely not the last, and is the most important I am thankful for Our Heavenly Father Lord Jesus. Because without him in my life I know I would not be here nor would I have any of these wonderful people in my life.

Much Love goes out to all of these people.

My Sisters, Family, and Friends.

Have a blessed day.

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