Surprise promises and lots of smiles

Today I got to see one of the best smiles ever, my oldest granddaughters boyfriend surprised

her with a promise ring.

He is the sweetest ever sends her text messages daily before she gets up and lets her know that

she is the most important person in his life.

I have not seen her smile like that in a very long time.

I am happy for her and for him because he seems to get just as giddy as she does

when they are spending time together.

Life is too short to let your past control your future, So I pray that these two find their

happily ever after with each other and keep getting giddy over the smallest things, the surprise teddy bear, or the chocolates, or the baskets that have all their favorite things in them.

My oldest granddaughter has found someone finally that completes her, shows her affection when she needs it, and tells her to stop being a brat when she needs to hear that too.

But then her boyfriend ( his words) has found someone in her to fill the void and emptiness in his heart and he doesn't ever want to let her go.

And she tells him when he needs to hear it that he is being a pain in the backside.

So watch for lots of pictures of this young couple as they continue to let their relationship develop into what each is desiring.

As for my other granddaughter that is 17, I think deep down she is realizing that her past doesn't control her present and that her past has let her learn things she needed to learn and I will be posting lots of pictures of her too.

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