Thank you to the beginning of 2021

Wow, it is almost the end of January 2021........................

My first month of the New year has brought me some happiness and some

aggravation all at the same time.

First, let me tell you about my Happiness, I am now able to see and spend time with a beautiful granddaughter who I was unable to spend time with. I was able to go and take these beauties a few days ago.

I have talked to some people whom I think I might partner with to do a different service for you as my clients so I will keep you posted on that. I have booked a wedding and a boudoir session, and I am getting ready to do a new drawing soon as well too.

Now as for the aggregation part of the first month of the new year, well that is learning how to deal with the teenage drama that I have not dealt with in 15 years but its all good because it reminds me of what and where I came from,

My beautiful intelligent mother is more than likely laughing her butt off ( in heaven)because of the way my 2 beautiful teenage granddaughters are at each other. she is whispering in my ears going breath it is not as bad as they want you to think it is.

If you have teenagers you probably know that they think every little thing is the end of the world, one thinks one is being rude. the other is thinking they aren't and then they start to bicker at one another and then 5 minutes later they are laughing and saying it's all good.

So to the beginning of 2021, I say Thank you, you have given me hopes that this year will be amazingly happy with lots of fun times with teenagers, work, and love.

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