The new way of figuring things out

As I sit here on this cold yucky day in January and think about the things that are going on,

I wonder what the good Lord Jesus' plan is for people I know, are things going to get better for my sisters? Are things going to turn around for my daughter and son in law?

Are my granddaughters that are having a rough time going to get a break and finally realize that they don't

have to act out and run away from people who love them?

Are the financial difficulties of things going to change or are they going to get worse?

How does one make a business successful when they do not really have the funds to do marketing on a daily basis? How does one make their business name one that people respond to, do they have sales? Do they do specials for things? Do they do giveaways for products?

Do they blog daily about everything that is going on or do they blog about products and services that

they do?

I think it's time for me to do a bit of research and find out......

I am a professional photographer and I enjoy taking portraits.....

And this year I will be successful in my journey....

I am going to start taking portraits of nature, sunsets, venues, fields, people, life.

And I am going to make my business a successful one.

Watch for changes on CapturingMemories2020 Photography website,

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