The New Year is here ............what do you want?

As I sit here this morning drinking my coffee and think about what the New Year is going to bring..........

I wonder if things are going to go the way they are planned or if they are going to go the opposite way.

I know that life throws curve balls at you daily. I know that sometimes it is a bit bitter and then other times

it's sweet as sweet tea.

My hopes and dreams for this year,

One to make people smile, even on their worst days. For smiles and laughter are actually free they don't cost anything to give.

I hope that my family sees I love them with all my heart

and that I do my best for them at all times.

I pray that the ones that need prayers and help, ask for the prayers and the help and if I am able to help

know that I will be there with bells on.

But knowing when to say yes I will help you and knowing when to say, this is something I can not help you with is hard. This is something I personally have to learn how to do. Because there are times I want to help and try and then realize my help isn't the type of help they are needing.

I also realize sitting here and thinking while it is quite that taking care of yourself is something you should put first as well,

Trying to be there for everyone at all times drains you of your energy and happiness. It takes away your spirit and your light.

This is the end of the second week of the new year, and so far I personally have not had any changes for the better,

So my prayer is that things start changing for the better.

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