things on my Bucket List

So I know lots of people have bucket lists that they want to do before they pass on ...

Or leave this earth for something better.

I'm not sure I have many things I truly want to do... I do have some things I would like to do...

Here is mine

1). Make a difference in someone's life

2) Have a successful Photography Business

3) Take a vacation

4) Go on an airplane someplace nice ( Italy, Paris, Hawaii )

5) Go back to the ocean

6) Lose 80 pounds

So I googled top things on people's bucket lists.

This is what I found on this website.

1. Fall in love - 83%

2. Go on a wine tour in Napa - 53%

3. Change someone’s life for the better - 52%

4. Get to my ideal weight - 47%

5. Go on a safari - 45%

6. Ride a hot air balloon - 45%

7. See the Northern Lights - 45%

8. Go to the Super Bowl - 43%

9. Swim with dolphins - 39%

10. Travel through Europe - 38%

So mine is not much different than others, really but how do we actually get to do the things that are on our bucket list?

The falling in love one I think that is more of a personal thing, and you really have to know what you think love is before you can say you Fell in love ...

But again how do we actually get to do the things on our list? Do we make them a priority for things to be done before we get to a certain age or do we do them as we get older and mark them off our list after we have done them.. ???

Seeing this list does make me wonder, Could I actually go up in a hot air balloon that would be romantic but I don't know if that is something I could do.

ON the list I found off google I would say that I agree with the wine tour in Napa, Ride in a hot air balloon

travel through Europe these are things I would love to do... Probably won't ever get to... But I would love to...

Personally, I think we should live our lives to the fullest, do the things we want to do make memories, take lots of pictures that way our children and grandchildren can say my mom/ dad did this or my Gigi/Pop-pop

did this. or did that.

That makes a difference in someone's life. showing them that if you take the chance to live and love those wonderful memories can be cherished and shared for generations to come.

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