This is my story I will not say I am sorry

Taking back my time to do what inspires me to do what I love.

I have been slacking on doing things to make my business grow and become successful.

Well as of today that is changing I am going to start figuring out how what and where I went wrong 3 months ago.

I let people and their wants make me stray away from being successful as a photographer and a businesswoman.

I know that family comes first, but I also know that family unless they truly want for you to be successful will do anything and everything to make you fail to make you go off track and not let you be happy.

For me making my family happy was my first goal, then it was to be amazing at my photography and be successful as a photographer.

Unfortunately, my family wasn't really that supportive of me being successful they did everything in their powers to deter me from becoming what I know I can and will become.

I wrote a blog not too long ago asking when is it time to say enough...

Today is my day when I say I have had enough, I love all of my family each and every one of them

I tried so hard to show you that, that I forgot to take care of myself.

Well as of today I am saying I have had enough. I am an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister. friend, aunt, and I deserve respect, love, loyalty, trust, and being told the truth.

Today I am taking back what I put on the back burner so that I would be there for them.

I am not changing, I am still going to be an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, daughter ( even though my parents are gone), sister, friend, and Aunt, but I promise myself this, I will not put my life on hold for others again.

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