Time to reflect before making A New Years Resolution

The New Year is almost upon us and that means people will be making resolutions to do better,

lose weight, spend more time with family, etc.

And yes I will probably make some of those same resolutions, but before I do I think maybe

I should look deep inside of myself and decide what is it I truly want for 2021, is it truly to lose weight?

Or is it to spend more time with family? ( problem here especially if the family doesn't truly want to spend time with you), Is it to do better maybe volunteer more and be more open-minded to people and things.

This year has taught me that no matter what your past is there is always going to be someone there to bring it up and make you feel like a failure or make you feel as if what is in your past will never truly

go away and that they will throw it in your face no matter how hard you try to prove that isn't how you

are any longer.

My beautiful mom use to tell me to play dumb the dumber you played the more you would learn and she was so correct on so many topics,

I know you can not go back and change your past, I know that people this year who never had to ask for help is having to ask for help because of Covid, job loss, health issues that arose at the beginning of the year. But I also know that their hardships are not due to the lack of trying, or the lack of will power to make things better.

I do not judge people, because I know how hard it hurts when someone judges you whether they are someone you know or someone you just met, It is painful when someone you know and love judges you for your past when they don't really know what happened in your past to make you choose the choices you made.

OR they pretend that they understand and then throw it in your face that you did this and someone else had to step up and take over.

So maybe when we are making our New Years Resolutions this year part of it could be to be less judgemental of people, you do not what they have gone through or what they are going through to make them walk away or to do what it was in their past that you are judging,

And maybe we could quit comparing people because no 2 people are alike,

Love the ones who love you, share the joy in happy moments, and be there to support them in the sad ones. Don't forget to love yourself, stay strong, and wish upon a star, Love people not things. Enjoy the simple things in life.

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