Traditions ever want to go back in time to have those memories come alive again?

One of my favorite traditions was knowing that I was going to get a piece of my moms

Pumpkin Pie, she made the best pies.

And to see my dad's eyes twinkle when he thought no one was looking,

because he could see how happy having everyone at the house-made my momma so happy.

Have you ever thought about what the Holidays will be like when the glue that held the

Family together is no longer here? Will you keep the traditions going or will you change them?

Start making new ones? OR will you keep the old tradition and just tweak it to add something

that is more to the way things are now?

The glue that held our family together passed 7 years ago, there are times that it seems like it was

yesterday that I heard " well ya know" and then there are days it seems like a lifetime ago.

She was the one that made sure everyone had a happy memory with her even if it was a small

a time frame that you got to spend with her.

Thanksgiving we would all filter in and out all day some would stay all day some would come in

for 30 minutes, but our family glue my beautiful mother, made sure everyone got a " Happy Thanksgiving

& I love you " before they left with one of the best hugs a person could get even if she only weighed 95 pounds.

With my first husband, I had started our own family traditions at Thanksgiving with my children, after we went to the families for dinner and got home we would watch " Home Alone" then after my divorce that tradition went out the window.

I have been trying to figure out what kind of tradition to start since it is just me, my husband, and our son at our home for Thanksgiving.

Since the glue to the family passed our family doesn't really get together for the Holidays, I am sure she rolls over every year when she sees that we are at it again, Separated from each other at the Holidays she so loved.

Yes, I know people have their own lives to live, Yes I understand that they have their spouses families and their families to share the Holidays with.

But how are you supposed to remember the good times with the other family members if you do not speak or spend time with them?

Family is everything, and life its self is way too short to stay angry, hurt, disappointed in other family members' life choices.

I have an open-door policy for my family they are always welcome in my home, something my mom taught me,

Come in sit down and we can drink a glass of tea, a cup of coffee, a bottle of water, or heck even a beer if you would like and have a nice long talk.

So this year I think I will start the tradition of watching " A Christmas Carol " with my son in my sitting room after Thanksgiving dinner.

What a better way of remembering good times than to watch something I did with my parents.

Or maybe we will watch " It's a Wonderful Life" and drink hot chocolate and eat cookies.

What is your favorite tradition?

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