Venue Picked

Their November wedding now has a set-in-stone date, time, and venue...

Bride and Groom have picked colors, songs, and type of foods that they

are wanting at their reception.

Matron of Honor, Bridesmaids, and Flowergirls have been picked,

Groomsmen and ringbearers have been picked.

They even have a backup venue just in case of bad weather.

The bride has 2 of the bridesmaid dresses picked, so she has one more to choose

plus the flower girls' dresses.

The groom better get busy with his side of things I know his bride to be personally she doesn't like to

wait :)

They have picked the places that they want their engagement pictures to be taken.

It's in Eureka Springs Ar. next month going to be pretty with all the spring colors and flowers.

I guess now we need to start getting the decorations for their big day gathered up so that we can get it decorated the morning of their big day..

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