Ways to show you care about your partner that is not sexual

As I wrote the other day this week is about self-esteem, self-confidence well we could all

use a little extra boost every once in a while from our partner or family member.

So here are ways to show you care without it being sexual contact I googled this yes

Google has become my best friend lol.

But there is a lot of information out there that sometimes you need to know that what you are thinking

is what will actually work.

On this website, it talks about what we as ladies can do for our partners.

Now on I can honestly say I have done some of these things. And I can honestly

say that the person I did this for told me that they knew that I truly cared and care for them.

This next website is what is suggested for what the guys or male counterparts of the relationship can do

Now on this, I can honestly say that there are a couple of them that my ex-husband use to do and my husband now use to do. As you read I said use to do, maybe they should read the website so that they will get the hint its not something you can just do a couple of times and then quit.

As I wrote at the beginning of this blog we can all use a little boost of I care without the sexual contact of

someone to help boost our self worth to them.

By showing you care about someone, not only does it makes you feel better about yourself it shows people that you have a kind heart and that you could be a good friend, confidant, maybe their rock if they need someone to talk to.

One way for sure to let people know you are is to listen deeply to what they are saying.

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