Website design and going forward

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy 4 th of July mine was quite other than neighbors shooting off

their fireworks.

First off I want to apologize I am all new to making websites, doing photography business pages, and so forth. Please don't get me wrong I love to learn and these last few months have been a learning curve for me. I know that changing the sites looks a few times may have people thinking as I do well if she can't figure out what type of advertising she wants her site to do then is she good at taking pictures.

Again I am just learning how to make the website look attractive and was not sure how to put a place for reviews on it. You can see reviews of my work if you like @ you may also see some reviews at I recently gave 2 of my clients their flash drives and they both were very satisfied with their photographs. Tracy Ann Moore and Sherri Tetmeyer both let me know that they loved their photographs that were on their flash drives.

I promise that the way I have the website set up now is how it is going to stay. Showing you the best of the best and writing blogs of all of my amazing sessions with all my amazing clients.

Have a blessed day

And a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO, Sherri Tetmeyer and Tracy Ann Moore. your sessions were amazing and I had a blast capturing your memories. Love you both

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