Wedding Vendors

Today I decided to be productive and go out and do marketing for CapturingMemories Photography and I

met some amazing people.

So here are some shout outs to some places for wedding attire and flowers first off

MK Bridal Misty Gray I looked at her dresses and tux and oh my are they beautiful so I would definitely go in and at least check these gowns and tuxes out couples. And then the flowers were arranged beautifully So many arrangements and they have a Young man to help you figure out what and all that jazz too Joshua Jones. I would say that they both would be amazing to work with. Then I went to this amazing hair salon because what bride doesn't want her hair to be perfect on her special day. So a very special shout out to Kayla and Katie @ Karma Salon they were so sweet and their customer service attitudes were on point.

These are just some of the amazing places I went today I am going to blog about some others here in just a bit So excited I didn't want to shout out all in just one blog I wanted to give all a nice shout out since they all have amazing customer service...

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