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Good morning all, it is Wednesday, July 29th,2020

Check me out on these sites,, you will find my price list and reviews on these sites as well.

you can email me at or check out the website at and book sessions there.

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With everything that is going on in the world,

I realized that I needed to rethink how to speak with clients when they request pricing.

I am more of the lets meet and discuss what it is you are wanting.

I am going to be looking into downloading either Duo, Skype, or Zoom so that I am able

to discuss pricing with clients and giving them peace of mind. Just need to see which one most people use, I think that its Zoom but I am not a 100% sure.

Most of my photo sessions at the moment are outdoors.

Social distancing is able to be done with the photo sessions.

Given the chance, I will give you amazing portraits, and the personal service you should get when having portraits done.

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