What do you look for in a Photographer?

June 17, 2020, Good Morning all, I am sitting here this morning drinking my coffee and I was wondering what do you look for when you are looking for a photographer to photograph your special day/event? Is it price? Experience? How personable the photographer is? If they have lots of props to use? Locations? Do you want the photographer to walk up to you and say no stand this way not that way?

Do you prefer someone who wants to photography you while being yourself?

I will let you know what type of Photographer I am,

My name is Patrica, I have just started doing this professionally 2 months ago. So no

I am not n experienced in telling people how to stand or sit, I would rather you be yourself than make you look like a statue. I love taking photographs of families, children, couples, weddings, engagements, individuals, pets, nature. So no there is not just one audience I would prefer to shoot.

I will say that I am a very personable person, I love to know my clients, talk to them ask questions to see what it is that they are looking for in their portraits.

Yes, I have some props, No I do not have a studio at the moment, that may come down the road but I have lots of different places we can take your photographs at. I have references.

I am a compassionate, kind person who wants nothing more than to work in my passion which is photography. I want to make sure I give outstanding customer service, amazing photographs. As far as prices go I only have a few prices at the moment, and they are not that high. OR at least I do not feel that they are since I take the time to edit and make sure that you are getting the best possible image that I may give you.

I am a professional I send out emails that say thank you for getting in touch with me, if you book a session I will send out reminder emails and then after your photo session I send out a Thank you email and a follow-up email to verify that you are satisfied with your photographs.

I do not know how other photographers do their websites or their shoots. I look at Pinterest, Support Pages, I do The School of Photography online course.

So if you want someone who loves to give you the best image, be compassionate about what it is you are wanting ( I am not saying other photographers don't) then send me an email.

look at the website and see the memories I have captured for others,

or click on the youtube link and look at the videos I have made of my work.

I hope all of you have a blessed day.

Much love Patrica

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