What is Being a Parent?

April 18,2020

Question what does being a parent mean to you? Is it spending time with your littles and taking lots of pictures to remember their smiles when they were growing up? Or is it giving in and buying them every little thing that they are asking for? Is it showing them how to love and respect someone, and not judge them because they are different and don't make as much money as you do? To me being a parent is being there for them. Knowing that they will and are going to mess up in some way shape or form. Everyone does, if you are saying mine doesn't then you are in denial. Because everyone messes up its in our gene's

it's in our blood. But thank goodness we have Jesus who is there for us when we do. I recently realized that I mess up a lot and I am an adult and I had 2 of the most amazingly loving parents. Not one time before they passed away did they turn their backs on me. And believe me there where a few times that they could of and I probably would not of understood why but they didn't they stood by and let me make my mistakes, but they also did not give me every little thing I wanted. But they did show me that it was okay to love people , respect people and not to judge people because they were different from me or us. As I sit here in my office I look around at my pictures of my grandchildren, my sisters, my parents. We are all still in quarantine due to this virus. And I wonder how many parents are teaching their children that the newest I phone, the newest style bike, the newest gadget isn't what is important. What is important is spending time with family making those memories that one day you will look back on and think hey I remember that mom showed me how to write my name, or dad showed me how to fix the tire on my bike.

Or we went on walks and had a picnic in the back yard because the state closed the parks .

Soon somethings might go back to normal and families will go back to doing things separately from their children. For me I don't want to go back to not doing things with my family. To me be being a parent means being there for my children and my grandchildren., my family in general.

For me I need to have the love of Jesus and my family. For me bbqs, memories, relearning about what family means reminds me of what being a parent is.. Because my parents we had those things, family get together's, lots of pictures being taken and just visiting and enjoying families company.

So again I pose the question...

What does being a parent mean to you??


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