What will your Resolution be for 2021

New Year's Eve is almost upon us, and some of us might be trying to figure out what should

our resolutions be this year? Lose weight? Gain weight? Eat healthier? Stop drinking and smoking?

Be a better person?

Mine you ask? Mine is to focus on me.. Make sure that my mind and soul are happy this year, I think by doing that, then the other things will fall into place, you know the loose weight, make better healthier choices, and all. If your mind isn't happy then your body isn't going to do what it is you are wanting it to do.

This year I think I will let go of all the hurt and anger I have towards people and concentrate on me and the things I want to do and places I want to go..

Instead of worrying about does, this person want to spend time with me maybe I should be asking myself

do I truly want to spend time with this person today? And if I do then great we can figure out a way that we both will have fun. But I will truly have to want to spend time with that person because forcing yourself to actually spend time with someone who you aren't happy to be around takes all your energy and then you have nothing left to give to have a wonderful day.

Here is a question for yourself,

Are you a giver who gives all of yourself to others until you run out of gas and then there is nothing else to give? Or are you a taker who takes and takes until no one else is there to take from because you have pushed everyone and everything away?

There is a website that has a quiz you can take for yourself or take with your with your partner to see if you are compatible or if there are areas that might need work, it also helps you see if you keep giving all of yourself or if you arent actually giving enough of yourself.

Here is the website.

It's actually fun to do and I found it spot on with how I am.

I am actually going to print it off and do it with my granddaughter just to let her see the difference in things, and how people can be.

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