When is it time to say When

When is it time to say when with people making you feel as if you arent good enough?

How long do you let them take advantage of your compassion and willingness to lend a hand

or be the one to make the call or the drive to check on people?

Life with anything is a 2-way street; the street does go 2 ways; a phone makes and receives calls.

A computer sends and receives emails. So when is it that you say okay if you seriously do not want to talk or see me unless you want or need something, then fine... And then you don't answer their calls, text, email.

Same with a personal relationship, you know where you are the one giving it 110%, and your partner is giving it 45%. When do you say ....yep, I am done; this is not working, and I deserve better than this.

I recently had to take a couple of drives and think about things before I said or did something that I might have regretted.

Listening to the CD player at full volume is an amazing stress reliever when it comes to not wanting to talk to someone and be able to think without interruptions.

As I stated, Life is a 2-way street................. Unfortunately, many people don't want to realize this and continue making things harder on the people that they say that they love.

So when is it time to say enough is enough? I deserve better... When it starts messing with your sleep, and you can't sleep, or you end up sleeping all the time, so you don't have to deal with them.

When it starts messing with your actual health, you start having signs of either losing an excessive amount of weight or gaining weight because all you do is eat or not eat or make yourself throw up. After all, you ate, when it starts making it to where you do not enjoy the things that use to make you smile.


As you read, I took some drives here lately because I needed to think about things before I said or did something I would regret.

Unfortunately, before I took one of those drives, I did say something to someone that I can not take back.

But truth be told, what I said was the truth; it just was not said to the correct person.

I am human like all of you. I say things in the heat of the moment when angry or hurt. I was both that night.

Everything that is going on with me is affecting my health. I am gaining excessive amounts of weight, But I don't eat. It is affecting my sleep, my temper, my moods. It is making it to where certain things I use to do or people that I loved being around isn't as enjoyable anymore.

So here is where I need to decide do I say enough is enough I deserve better... OR do I wait it out and see if things will get better...

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