Where should I look for support?

How many of you have went to the doctor for your yearly check-up and was

told that your A1C, Cholesterol, and things were high and you need to go on

prescription meds to reduce them?

I recently went to the doctor and I was told these things. My response was

okay they are high before putting me on meds that have a dozen or so side effects

let's try something a little less invasive like changing my diet, maybe introducing

some kind of physical activity like walking more than half a block.

So I turned to google and food some websites that show me what I should eat for being a diabetic.

At lunch today I ate 7 carbs, but it was packed with protein, fiber, and flavors.

Yes I know I am going to have to give up my Dr. Pepper and my Coke but it's okay I have given them up before.

I don't eat sweets really, so that should be easy enough. What do I eat you may be asking?

Chex mix yes I know I will have to limit how much I eat I won't be able to eat a half bag at night while binge-watching NCIS New Orleans.

Okay So I will have to drink more water and unsweet tea I can do that as well.

SO you ask what is your problem then? well, it's the physical activity part that bugs me why you ask?

Because I hate doing things alone. It's not having a great support system at home that encourages me to get up and move...

How many of you can relate to what I am saying? Do you have a great support system for coming off drugs? Losing weight? Having bad thoughts? Getting away from your addiction?

so good websites to check out for foods

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