Where there is Determination, Willingness And A I will Attitude Anything is Possible

April 19,2020

Lets first start off with determination... I definitely have that if I didn't I would of never started this site,

Now lets go to willingness.. I am more than happy to learn new and exciting things and meet new people. I love to talk and laugh. So with my willingness to learn I have captured some awesome pictures of Nature by learning new things with my camera. But I also learned how to figure out how to go about finding out information, what I needed to do to get that information. I learned that if I am going to take portraits I need to have props, ideal places to go for the shoots, let people know how I want them to stand or sit.

So hopefully within the next few days I will have some awesome news on ideal places for some amazing photo shoots.

Now lets go to the I will Attitude portion, you see I have the determination, the willingness to do what needs to be done so with those two things I also have the I Will Attitude to be successful.

Now I know that I have quite a few people who believe in me. Some more than others, so when one says well maybe we should think about this like this instead of like that I understand what they are saying but I also know that I have a more powerful force helping me have the determination, willingness and attitude.

I have Jesus telling me I can do , I have my angels telling me I can do it, I have some amazing family and friends telling me I can do it.

And I know I can and will do it. Because with an Attitude of Faith, Determination and Willingness anything is possible.

I believe that it is possible and that it is going to happen. I believe in myself and that my friends and family is where it has to start. If you don't believe in yourself you will never prevail into what you know you can be.

Just one of the amazing photos I got to do yesterday.


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