Where to get color scheme ideas for photo shoots

So how many people wonder what colors should I wear if I am getting my photos done outside with 4 other people or 5, 6 other people.

Should my kids match in outfits? Should I wear bright colors, pastels, or dark colors?

#Pinterest has some awesome ideas on fashion,

I love Pinterest they have so many neat ideas on posing, props for group photoshoots, fun photoshoots, fashion and so much more.

awesome recipes and so many other things that you could possibly be interested in. I also get my inspiration from some I magazines that receive in the mail.

Are you wondering if I am going to say yes you should wear pastels, no do not wear neon orange or green for a photoshoot.

Well, I won't do that because I feel that it is the clients who choose what they would like to be photographed in. I will give them suggestions if they ask my opinion before the photoshoot.

would you like some inspiring ideas on what to wear, how to fix your hair, should you wear makeup or go all-natural?

Below I have attached a photo ( no I did not take it I found it on #pinterest ) it shows color schemes for spring, summer, fall, etc.

I hope everyone who reads this can get on Pinterest and find something that interests them as much as I get on and find awesome Ideas for me and my thought patterns.

Now I won't put a bunch of pictures on here with hairstyles or makeup Ideas because again that is up to the client on what they want. I will give direction on poses, which way to look, and so forth, I do hope that the photos above help with color schemes if you are wondering that question..... should I wear bright neon colors, dark colors, or pastels.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading my blog this evening. I have some awesome mini sessions coming up.. Excited to shoot these sessions and capture some awesome memories in 2020 for these clients.

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