Yesterday's blog was foods, Today's Makeup & Hair

So yesterday I went out and talked to people asked questions on if they catered to Weddings

Bachelorette parties, Bachelor parties, and other types of events. I mean let us say you are having

A Maternity party or a Gender Reveal party or something like that, You could want food, or someone to do your makeup or maybe your boyfriend/ girlfriend wants to surprise you with an engagement ring.

So I went and I spoke with some amazing people with the best attitudes people now days can have.

First off I want to give a shout out to Alexis Gale who does Hair and Lash Extensions she is at The Clip Joint on National if you are interested. OR if you are wanting braiding done Champale at The Springfield Braiding Company does some amazing work as well. And for the ladies who are going through Chemo Ms. Dellas Beauty Plus has some beautiful wigs. Both of these establishments are on Commerical Street in Springfield and All 3 of these young ladies are beautiful and know what they are doing.

Now if you can't make it into an establishment and need someone to come to you hay I have vendors for that as well. Chyenne Pollak at The Rouge Beauty bar will come to your location she has a makeup manager she sends out and her name is Sarah Brock their prices for coming out to do makeup and hair don't look to be all that bad. So if you are getting married and are wanting someone to come to you here is one makeup, hairstylist that can do that. But wait I actually have another one that can do it to just in case Chyenne and Sarah are booked and can not come out to meet with you. Tessi and Kelsey at KKD Beauty Cafe will also come to your site and do your makeup and hair. I have all these numbers if any of you would like to have them.

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