Young New Love, an Old Love Capturing Smiles from both

May 2,2020 I got the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with 2 couples. I seen the love both couples had even when the older couple wanted me to think that they weren't really there any longer. In some pictures I could see in both couples that they were glad that they were together on some level even when it was obvious that at times they could not decide if they truly wanted to smile and show the other that they do care and were happy that they were being able to capture that moment in time that memory of fleeting happiness that they felt at that moment.

Life gives us curve balls, it throws things at you and you think wow how am I going to handle dealing with this. Do I open up and tell him/ her what I am feeling right now at this moment do I keep my mouth shut and pray that things get better?

When I have this demon come up I do 2 things one I talk to Jesus the other I talk to my big sister and get advice from her because she has lived through some major demons and come out stronger because of them She is my hero , my rock.

So my advice to New young people who are in love, honesty, open communication, respect

and show them you want to spend time with them.

To the older couples trying again.. My best advice to you .. make sure you are honest, respect the one you are with , show them you do love them. Everyone deserves to be happy age doesn't matter on that part. Young children deserve happiness just like older people deserve happiness..

So to all of my followers, future followers, clients , customers, family and friends

I wish you all great love, blissful Happiness, and amazing health.

Love Patrica

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