Your idea of a marriage proposal

As I sit here today I thought why not talk to young adults and see what their idea

of marriage proposals are, So I decide to speak with my soon to be 19-year-old granddaughter

and her 21-year-old boyfriend.

Funny thing their ideas on how to propose are not too different from one another.

My granddaughters' ideas are as follows: non-romantic way but fun way to her would be if he would propose at someplace like the mall while eating chicken nuggets and waffle fries from Chik-F-La with the ring being hidden in the waffle fries. His idea of a non-romantic proposal is taking a drive in the evening to look at the stars and then pop the question when she least expects something is up.

Both great ideas,

Now here is where the difference comes in their ideas of the romantic proposal, Her idea is a candlelit room, rose petals on the floor leading to a rose petal heart with a teddy bear holding the ring with music playing softly.

His idea is a nice restaurant dressed in a suit and then giving her the ring of her dreams. still not a big difference but enough to make them both good ideas.

My ideas of a marriage proposal, non-romantic humm I think I would like to be walking on the beach and him say oh look what I found and bend down and say will you marry me?

Now my romantic idea of a marriage proposal, that one would have roses, soft music, fireplace, and a glass of fine wine. But again I am way older than 19 & 21

, But I do like these younger ideas, what do you all think?

Would you like the proposal like my granddaughter or like her boyfriend?

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