Your life your choices, which is it?

Sticking with the last couple of blogs I thought this would be helpful to put things into perspective for myself,

Feeling like your lonely or alone? Not sure which one it is? Or is it the

dreaded depression because of the season and the sun goes down so early?

These are the questions I ask myself because I don't ever really know if the way I am

the feeling is because of being unhappy, or because I feel alone even when I am with people I love,

or if I am truly lonely,

So again I turned to my trusted online research buddy google and found these websites to help kind of put

things in perspective, now I have to admit this one intrigued me because it suggested getting outside and being in nature and I love being in nature, just not in the cold, but it has some good points on things..It also suggests volunteering which is something I haven't done much of but it is something to check into.

This website is more of turning yourself over to the good lord above and talking to him and having the faith to let your mind body and soul work together to help you overcome your feelings of loneliness, depression.

And I do believe that speaking with the good lord above is very helpful in many ways.

But first, you have to figure out which it is that you are needing help with, is it depression? is it because you are alone and don't truly want to be alone? or is it because you are lonely because the people around you make you feel like you don't exist unless they need something from you.

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